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What’s in Air Pollution?

In the United Kingdom, air pollution causes over 40,000 early deaths and more than £20 billion in costs annually. An absolutely staggering number. So, what exactly is air pollution? Air pollution occurs when gases, dust particles, fumes (like smoke) or odours are introduced into the atmosphere to an extent harmful to humans, animals, or plants. It can get so bad that it can even cause diseases, allergies, and premature death. Air pollutants come in many different shapes and sizes: they can be solid, liquid, or gaseous, and are generally categorised into primary and secondary pollutants. Primary pollutants are the direct results of a certain activity, for example carbon monoxide gas being emitted by a car exhaust. Secondary pollutants, on the...

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10 Ways to Survive Allergy Season

For those of you with allergic rhinitis, especially seasonal rhinitis, spring and summer can be really tough. We all know the common symptoms of hay fever: the sneezing, the coughing, the runny nose, the watery eyes, and the hives. But don’t despair: there are loads of ways to decrease both the exposure, and the symptoms, of your allergies this summer. 1: Know Your Enemy It’s vital to figure out exactly what it is that you’re allergic to. A quick visit to the doctor should do the trick: all it takes is a physical exam or a skin test. Once you know exactly what to avoid, you’ll know the right actions to help prevent your hay fever. And don’t feel alone!...

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