How long does NOSK last?

The optimal usage period of each NOSK Nasal Filter is 7-10 days; we recommend they are replaced after this time, but this may vary depending on your environment. Generally, after this period of time the filter’s (blue) material will begin to lose its rigidity and it’s effectiveness.

It is recommended that you lightly rinse the filters before and after use (this does not damage them). After use, let them dry and then store in your handy carry case when you are not using them.

Can  NOSK  Nasal Filters produce allergic reactions?

Not at all. Nosk Nasal Filters are made from non-toxic materials designed for medical use, but not latex (which causes allergic reactions in some people).

Nosk as a Class I medical device with quality guaranteed; it has been approved by the FDA and other international medical authorities making the filters synonymous with quality and effectiveness. NOSK has also won innovation awards all around the world.

Are there different sizes?

NOSK Nasal Filters is one size fits all. It has been developed by physicians to facilitate filtering at the beginning of the nasal cavity. The material is flexible and perfectly suited to every need of use.

Note that the use of Nosk is not recommended it for people with nasal dorsum deviation, or with a prominent nose as they may cause discomfort.

Is there any risk when it comes to use Nosk?

Nosk Nasal Filters do not present health risks, but it is highly recommended that all instructions are carefully followed. Consultation with a doctor is recommended for those who have recently had nose surgery or had a disease related to nose or the nasal cavity (infections, sores, facial pain, sleep apnea, inflammation...).

Nosk is not recommended for use more than 12 consecutive hours.

Nosk is designed to be used without discomfort, however, if you experience any discomfort immediately remove the filter.

It can be used while pregnant as Nosk Nasal Filters do not contain any medicinal products.

Where can I use Nosk?

Nosk can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, and is perfect for use in dusty areas as construction sites, vacant lots, smoky areas (urban pollution, areas with toxic fumes and/or dust), visits to hospitals or enclosed or busy environments (underground rail systems, airports etc.), or generally any place that requires protection of the air you breathe.

As an example we find that our customers include:

  • Health-conscious urban-dwellers
  • Traffic Police
  • Motorcyclists
  • Taxi drivers
  • Delivery Men
  • Workers in dusty environments (construction, mining, flourmills, plasterwork, cement-works, pharmaceutical facilities..)
  • Cleaning staff
  • Hairdressers
  • Petrol station attendants
  • People who suffer from allergies to pollen, dust mites, animal hair, etc.
  • People with multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome.
  • People with nasal issues (atrophic rhinitis, empty nose syndrome ...).
  • Asthmatics; adults and parents worried about childhood asthma.
  • Workers with allergies or occupational asthma (hairdressers, bakers, gardeners, garbage collectors, police, bricklayers ... and generally workers exposed to pollutants in the environment).
  • Workers who must wear masks, but find them uncomfortable (heat, discomfort, fogged glasses ...)
  • People in the medical profession, as protection against bacteria and infections.

In general anyone who wants to protect their airways effectively, comfortably and without being noticed.

What is the evidence that NOSK works?

The filters have performed excellently according to an independent laboratory studies;
  • 100% against pollen (all types: olive, parietaria, grasses, oak, banana etc.), mites,  animals epithelia (allergy cat, dog, rodent) and most airborne allergens;
  • 100% of PM10 (common large particle urban pollution)
  • 97% of PM2.5 (common small particle urban pollution)
  • 96.1% filter particles 1 micron
  • It also blocks 75% of the bacteria present in the environment, avoiding infections.

Why NOSK is different from masks?

Nosk was developed based on years of research and was designed by Ear, Nose, Throat and allergies specialists. Nosk is comfortably inserted into the nose, and it allows you to talk, eat, and drink while  they are protecting you from air pollution, also NOSK provides a powerful filtration much better than the conventional face masks.

Additional Advantages:
  • No fogged glasses
  • Super-portable
  • Clinically-proven effectiveness
  • No hostile (conventional masks clog midface).
  • It does not obscure the mouth (for easy communication)
  • It does not impede breathing
  • Does not remove makeup
  • Practically invisible
  • It contains no drugs, and is also suitable for pregnant women
  • Does not cause overheating or sweating around the face (unlike a mask)

It is also important to note that Nosk nasal filters are the only nasal filter for sale in UK & Ireland, which has scientific and medical studies supporting its use and effectiveness. It is also considered a class 1 medical device and is already registered, and bears the CE mark. 

Does the filter have to cover the entire nostril?

The answer is easy, no. The Nosk nasal filter was designed by medical specialists, and is designed to filter the air polluted at the start of the nasal cavity, not to cover the inside of the nostrils fully.

Simply, place Nosk inside your nostrils, pushing the clip holding the bottom up, and take a strong and deep breathe in this way, Nosk can be set at the beginning of the nasal cavity. As simple as that; you can now enjoy the benefits of Nosk and protect yourself!

Are the NOSK filters safe?

Nosk is 100% safe. The filters are approved by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products of Spain, and have also passed rigorous quality controls to get the CE mark; including the highest regulations applicable to all medical devices. In addition it is also approved by the FDA for sale in the US.

Nosk is made with compounds for medical use and it does not cause any contact allergy or use.

I'm pregnant, can I use NOSK?

Yes!, NOSK is manufactured without drugs, it is effectiveness is based on its patented material and design.

In addition, midwives recommend not take medicinal products at the time of gestation; get rid of your allergies and protect yourself and your baby from air pollution with NOSK.

When is NOSK going to be available in the UK & Ireland?

NOSK is available NOW from our online store.

If you have any further questions please contact us using the form below.


What is the delivery time for NOSK?

Allow 7-10 business days for the delivery of your NOSK.


Are there opportunities to buy NOSK in bulk?

Yes, please contact us directly at info@nosk.co.uk for information.


Can I be a NOSK distributor?

Yes, there are some criteria but we are seeking distributors in the UK & Ireland.


Can businesses purchase (individually or in bulk)?

Yes, businesses are welcome to purchase from NOSK and are VAT exempt if the business is based in the UK.


My question was not answered here; how do I ask another question?

Contact us directly using the Facebook messenger app on the website or at info@nosk.co.uk