The NOSK Story

Breathe Easy... NOSK is HERE!

We'd like to thank our customers for their patience - now, the wait is over! The most innovative and discreet solution for personal air protection is available to customers in the UK & Ireland!


What is NOSK?

NOSK is a personal air filtration system that is clinically proven to reduce the inhalation of pollutants and allergens.
NOSK's patented triple-filter filter technology helps to prevent allergens, dust and pollutants entering the body and so prevents symptoms. 
NOSK is approved for sale all over the world and meets the highest standards of safety and quality.(including the European Quality Mark and the FDA).



Why do you need NOSK?

There are many reasons you might want to protect yourself, the most common ones are allergies, pollution and protection in dusty environments.


 One of the most common allergies in the UK & Ireland is hayfever; there are millions of sufferers and pollen season can be a nightmare for the susceptible . but guess what? Pollen is a relatively large particle (for NOSK's filter) - and so it's very easy to filter out of the air. This means the symptoms are reduced or prevented before they begin!

There are proven links between hayfever and asthma and NOSK can also be very effective in reducing the symptoms by filtering out many types of common allergens that trigger asthmatic sensitivity.


Air pollution

Air pollution is on the increase in our cities; the WHO report has reported many UK cities as having dangerously high air pollution.

It's time to protect yourself; even day-to-day exposure could be putting you at risk for cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and  even lung cancer.

The revolutionary and award-winning NOSK Nasal Filters can reduce the level of pollutants entering the body.

Comfortable to wear and practically invisible; NOSK filters' amazing design does not affect your ability ​to breathe - they just remove the particles from the air while you go about your daily life.

The Technology Behind NOSK

NOSK nasal filter's award-winning, design is patented worldwide but until now, hasn't been available in the UK and Ireland. The brain-child of leading Ear, Nose and Throat specialists; they are manufactured in South Korea and are fully certified for the European Market and meet all relevant safety and quality standards.
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